RPM Club Streamlines Car Buying

Posted Monday, Oct 31, 2016

Mancuso Motorsports, Chicago's premier provider of sports luxury cars, announced today that it has delivered its 500th vehicle through its RPM Club sales system. Responding to consumer demand to streamline the car buying experience, RPM Club utilizes technology to reduce the time and effort to purchase a vehicle. Driven by just over 50% of Mancuso's transactions being conducted via the internet, RPM Club was designed to mitigate buyer concern as to vehicle quality and value and offers similar benefits to both local and out of state buyers. Key features of the RPM Club process include real-time market pricing, digital contracting, FaceTime product presentations, free shipping and a 10-day return policy. Customers benefit from transparent negotiations with vehicle price and trade values shared from credible internet sources, robust vehicle information and history, as well as digital documentation and next-day pickup or shipping. Rob Mancuso, president, said, "We put control of the deal back into the hands of the customer. They created RPM Club by telling us how they think cars should be sold and delivered. It's our job to deliver what they've asked for. With a consistent Better Business Bureau rating of 'A+' and an 'Excellent' rating on dealerrater.com, the results speak for themselves." The Mancuso family is approaching its 100-year anniversary in the automobile business. Founded in upstate New York, the company expanded into Chicago in 1953 when Jim Mancuso opened Mancuso Chevrolet. Franchises operated over the years include Cadillac, Honda, Saab, Maserati, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Lotus, McLaren, Peugeot, Buick and Oldsmobile. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5yRj2wDVR0