Financing and Warranty

At Mancuso we understand the appeal of a classic or exotic car - but we also know the challenge consumers face when arranging financing. Cash is not always an option, and most banks or credit unions don't offer loans for older or high value vehicles.


Because of this, we offer cost-efficient financing solutions. By partnering with specialty lenders, we are able to provide the most streamlined and competitive financing available for virtually any make and model.


To add further value to your purchase, we offer comprehensive warranty plans and aftermarket products to protect your investment and enhance your driving experience, all at reasonable price points.


Remember, financing allows you to keep your cash available, and warranties offer security against unexpected repair costs. To assure your satisfaction, we perform due diligence on each of our providers, with strict requirements for customer service, financial stability and competitive pricing.


Be sure to ask about finance and warranty options for your purchase. You'll be glad you did.

Contact our Finance Manager Jonathon Moroni for more information.


Mancuso Motorsports Exceptional finance and lease programs are available for our Lotus and other brand vehicles.